About robblugo

I’m Robert Lugo but you call me Rob. Before deciding to concentrate my efforts on blogging as a career, I was your typical sales guy. I focused on auto sales and worked at a number of big name auto dealers in the New York Area. I had a real love for cars and so my job came easily, and I also enjoyed what I did, helping people purchase their dreams. Then came the collapse of the industry, and with that my career as an Auto Salesman. I jumped around from sales job to sales job looking to recapture what I once had in the auto industry, but it was no use. The magic was gone. What was once an easy task became a laborious chore. It was during this time that I landed a job as an office clerk for a non-profit that served the un-employed. This meant that I would see hundreds of job resumes in one week. Even though as an Intake Specialist I could not advise them, I quickly learned to tell what makes a winning resume. This gave me the confidence to start my own resume business. So in 2010 I went into business and have been doing resumes for friends and family ever since. Then ‘it” happened, After recent blood tests, the doctor called me back to let me know I was pre-diabetic. While others might take this with sorrow, the news inspired me to create this blog. The point of this blog is to concentrate on Health. I will do this by sharing my point of view on Jobs, Diets and what ever else comes to the mind of this middle aged married guy. I welcome others to share their thoughts on here well.

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